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Jun. 26th, 2017 06:55 pm
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 I think this is a fairly recent Fic, written maybe w/in the past year or so.

Justin has relocated to Toronto, there he and a friend open up an art/craft type store. Brian is in Toronto for business and they find each other. Justin is resistant at first, but as Brian looks to make a permanent move they of course get back together. Justin's wise-cracking friend is an original character and he is important in the getting boys back together.


EDIT: It's "Dancin' in My Wooden Shoes," by Lupin 111 

Thank you smurfette34 on LJ

We're here!

Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:08 pm
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The import is complete. [community profile] getithere is live on Dreamwidth. The comments are still importing, but posting is open. As before, the com is open to anyone. You can join here, or post using OpenID.
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Okay Darlings,

So the basic plot is listed in the subject line but here is a more in-depth description:

Brian is told by Michael that Justin has found someone else while he's in NY and is not sure how to break it off with Brian. When in truth, he only saw Justin for all of an hour because Justin had to go work at his gallery job and Michael was in town for a comic convention (big surprise! just saying, LOL). Anyway hearing the lie, Emmett sets Brian straight.
Meanwhile, Michael has told Justin the exact same thing, only in regards to Brian.

I know that I have read this fairly recently but for the life of me, I cannot remember the title. HELP!!

Thanks in Advance you all can give me in this quest to save my sanity!

Happy Reading,

Brian & Justin has daughter Brianna

Jun. 20th, 2017 10:40 pm
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I remember one very long series and want to read it again but forget the title & the author.

Brian has a twin (or brother). Brian buy very big land. On that land they build their house, Brian's brother's house, later on Emmett & Drew house too, everyone end up living in the area eventually.
Brian & Justin has a daughter named Brianna also a dog. There's Gus in the story but he live with Lindsay. Brian's brother has son. It's a happy story overall.
Please help. Thank you.

FOUND: it's The Sunshine Files http://www.mags-nificent.com/MSW/TS.htm
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Yes. You've been wondering, and now it's finally happening.

With recent changes in LJ's ownership and terms, concerns about censorship, and even journals being deleted due to misguided attempts to squash spambots, we have decided it is best to find a new home. As many of you predicted, Dreamwidth seems to be the place :)

Red, as comm owner, is planning to import the comm to Dreamwidth in the next couple of days. Once it's done, we will make another announcement post letting you know and providing a link... which hopefully doesn't get us deleted as a spambot lol.

Because the comm will be remaining here as well, but posting will be disabled; all posting from then on will be done at Dreamwidth. The original hope was for DW to just be a backup and to have the comm still active here, but since any posts or comments added here at LJ post-import would NOT show up on the comm at DW, that would mean we'd have to constantly re-import, which just makes no sense. GIH at LJ will continue to be a tremendous fandom resource, as an ARCHIVE.

I never spent much time at DW, but I imported my own LJ over there to sort of prepare myself for these changes, and I do quite like it. We think this move will be best for everyone and we hope you agree! If you have any questions, I may or may not know the answers, but feel free to ask! ;) Thanks!!

Dot, Red, & Court

Fanfic downloader

Jun. 17th, 2017 04:50 pm
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Hey guys, me again...
Any of you kindred souls using iPad to read fanfic? Also downloading to read later offline on holiday?
Most people use downloadable pdfs but those don't work with iPad mini because of the unadjustable font size. I tried but ended up with fics only ants and pixies can read.
Alas, I am looking for a good downloader.
There were some recommended years ago, but those don't exist anymore. The ones on AppStore only work with FanFiction.net, which site isn't the best for Qaf fandom. Still, I tested "Read Up" (faulty, couldn't even start), "Pocket Fiction" (crashes every 10 minutes, crappy interface), and "FanFiction" (looks promising, although it has been syncing for over an hour now).
So I am hoping someone better versed in technology can recommend one that works with Qaf fanfic sites, too.
There are great fics you just must read, but they are oftentimes untagged and infrequently updated, so extracting them manually from lj chapter by chapter can really be a nuisance.
Oh, how I long for a "fic magnet" that just pulls the relevant parts, formatted and chaptered, no ads of course...
Any of you guys know of such a thing, or feel like making one? :-D

No downloader on the horizon yet, but after some nudging from the helpful [livejournal.com profile] dzmom I checked other options (duh!) and realized that the new Adobe Acrobat Reader actually has a feature called "reading mode" where you can increase text size! So I guess working around the problem is the way to go. On to pdfs!
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I have been thinking about a fic all week, and can't seem to locate it. The problem is that I only remember a small bit of the plot line. I am hoping someone can help me locate it.

I believe it is an Anti-Michael fic and was on Midnight Whispers. I could be wrong about those.

The bit that I remember is that Brian owned the whole building the loft is in, and I THINK that Ben and Emmet moved into one of the apartments either as a couple or as roommates. I know it was a longer fic, and I think had a Ben leaves Michael theme. The problem now is that I am wondering if it was Vic who moved in with Emmet instead and I am remembering wrong. I believe that someone else in the family had an apartment in the same building. I remember a scene where Emmet and either Ben or Vic went to Brian and Justin and asked if they could move into the building... possibly in a 3 bdr apt.

I checked the Ben/Emmet tag and didn't see anything that looked right. If someone knows the fic, I would greatly appreciate it.

FOUND! Family Divided by Edom
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