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accessing fics

I'm trying to access fics written by teachwriteslash or teachfic and haven't been able to especially the Everything That Rises Must Converge. On Livejournal I have her as friend and on Dreamwidth. Would be grateful of any assistance. Thanks.
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Hi! Are you still having trouble accessing teach's fics?

Her LJ is friends-locked, so you wouldn't be able to read her fics there until she gets around to friending you back, but here on dw, it's open access. Trouble is, she never got around to updating her master list with the dreamwidth links, so all likns go to her lj and you're stuck with the same problem.

Everything That Rises 'Verse starts with this one:

and hopefully you should be able to follow through by clicking the 'Next Entry' button which you'll find just before the comments start on each entry. Good luck, but if you have problems don't hesitate to get in touch, I can track down links for you.
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You're welcome! Everyone should have a chance to read teach's fics, they're awesome!

Any trouble finding anything, just ask, I'm around most days.